Data Structures

Data Structures – Definition

Data Structures refer to a scheme for organizing a related piece of information which also should help us in reducing the complexity and increasing the efficiency of an algorithm.

In simple words, Data Structures is a technique to organize the data in a systematic way. It is useful for the efficiency of the algorithm. 

What is Data in brief

Data is a representation of numbers, words, facts, figures, images, etc. A Collection of such data that needs further processing either by computers or manually is referred to as Raw Data. 

In every programming language, every data will be stored in available forms generally bits.

*Bit: A bit is the smallest unit of storing data.
It is filled with either '1' or '0'.

Abstract Data Type (ADT)

  • Operations like Creation, Manipulation, Handling, and Retrieving performed on data is called as Abstract Data Type (ADT).
  • A Primitive Data Type like int, char, or float is used to perform basic operations such as addition and subtractions.

Data Structures are used for

  • Data Structures refers to a scheme for organizing a related piece of information. It also should help us in reducing complexity.   Also increasing the efficiency of the algorithm.
  • Data Structures are the key part of any programming language because it sorts the data and makes the analysis easy. 
  • How much fast may be the Processor if Data is not in order, then the system becomes slow.
  • If we want to search for particular data in a group of records, Data Structures makes your work simple.
  • Algorithms and Time Complexity also comes as noted factors for using the Data Structures effectively.

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Advantages of Data Structures

  1. Data Structures saves time with the techniques used to search for data. Hence, Time Complexity is reduced.
  2. Data Storage is considered as a big issue in terms of big companies. Data Structure solves this problem by storing it effectively.
  3. Implements the interface accurately.  


  • Data Structures are considered as a Back-bone for programming languages. Any kind of data is sorted or used appropriately with DS.
  • Data Structures are combined with Algorithms. Algorithms help us to arrange the data properly.
  • What may be the stream you are learning Data Structures and Algorithms are always helpful.
  • There are certain categories where every programmer must know and this Data structure falls in that category.

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