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Python Basics

History of Python

History of Python

How Python started Start of Python The Python scripting language was introduced by Guido Van

How to start programming in Python

How to start programming

Start the Programming in Python Basic Syntax of Python Programming language The Python Programming language

Introduction to Python

Introduction to Python

Introduction to Python – A basic definition Python is a general-purpose coding language. It can

About Automation in Python

About Automation in Python

Automation in Python Why study Python? Working in IT is more than just a job.

Programming with Python

Programming with Python

Example Program in Python Hello, world! Now that you have got an idea of what

Functions and Keywords in Python

Functions and Keywords in

Functions and Keywords in Python are the building blocks of a language’s syntax. Functions are

Python with Linux OS

Getting Familiar with the

The operating system is a software that manages everything that goes on in the computer.

Get your PC ready

It doesn’t matter if you’re running Windows, mac-OS or Linux, you should be able to

Install modules using python.

we can install modules using the pip command we will call the pip install request

Python for Data Science


A type is how Python represents different types of data. Integers, real numbers, and words

String Operations

In Python, a string is a sequence of characters. A string is contained within two

Lists & Tuples

These are called compound data types and are one of the key types of data