History of Python

How Python started

Start of Python

The Python scripting language was introduced by Guido Van Rossum in the year 1991 at The National Institute for Mathematics and Computer Science, Netherlands. History of Python

Even though the language was introduced in 1991, the actual development of its language became a way back in the 1980s.

This includes all the features of ABC language which even include simplicity, due to which it became one of the most popular languages. Further, he improved it to include some other features that he thought were not useful and added some. These features now allowed to be one of the most flexible programming languages ever.

Reason behind naming it as ‘Python’

The Python developer, Van Rossum always wanted the name of his newly  developed language to be short and unique. Then he named it PYTHON after being inspired by only Python’s flying circus, a BBC comedy series.

The Origin of Python

The Python 0.9.0 was the first developed version ever. Being a successor of the ABC language, Python 0.9.0 also came up with the concept of classes, lists and strings, and most importantly, it includes lambda, map, filter and reduce. develped by the CWI team. 

Python 1.2 was the last version developed by the CWI team. simultaneously, Van Rossum moved to the corporation for National Research Initiatives (CNRI) Reston, Virginia, and worked to improvements for the development of Python 1.6.

The New releases and developments of Python

In the year 2000, Guido Van Rossum along with the other developers formed an org named the BeOpenPythonLabs. But the BeOpen team has released only one version of this language, Python 2.0. After this, the Python Software Foundation(PSF), a non-profit Organization, and took the responsibility of Python Licenses. Fundraising, development, and management of the community. 

The Python 3.0 was released in the month of December of 2008. It included a number of changes over the already existing Python 2.0. In this the most important improvisation is ‘The modification of the print statement. Now “Print’ looks like “Print()” ‘. Which is quite easily read and understandable. 

With the release of new and most capable versions, Python is getting bigger and better. The latest release of Python in December of 2019 was Python 3.8.1. 

Start the Python Programming

So, This is all about the Python Language and its origin. Now, let’s Start the First ‘HELLO WORLD’ Program in Python. Know how to write program IDE and Syntax here How to Start Programming in Python

History of Python