How to start programming in Python

Start the Programming in Python

Basic Syntax of Python Programming language

The Python Programming language is 

  • Case-sensitive language
  • For the need of path specification python uses forward slashes.
  • Likewise other programming languages, Python also uses “//” for comments.
  • In python, there is no command terminator which means no semi-colon(;). So, if you want print something as Output you need to do this 

      Print(“HELLO WORLD”)

oops..!! The first program of python is already shared. Yes, only one line of code.

What is an IDE used for 

An IDE (or) Integrated Program Development is a program that is used for software development. IDE’s integrate several tools specifically designed for software development. These tools usually include an editor designed to handle code build, execution and debugging tools. It is form of source control and support different programming languages and many more features.

The best IDE used for executing Python Programs

The Python dedicated code editor is a simple as a text editor with syntax highlighting and code formatting capabilities. 


Pycharm is the best code editor for Python programs as it satisfies the following criteria”

  1. It runs code from within the environment.
  2. It supports debugging.
  3. Automatic Code formatting is a highlighting feature in this.
  4. Syntax is highlighted.

You can download the Pycharm IDE here

Hello Crypto World Program in Python

//HELLO WORLD in Python
print("HELLO CODER")