Programming made easier

Programming is new for you ? Does it seems to be like a place of problems. Don’t panic…!!!, every programmer starts their career from picking up their primary language as C – language than moves to C++, Java and so on based on their interests. A Program in terms of technical terminology is nothing but the code. A group of instructions  forms a CODE, a group of codes form a SOFTWARE , group of softwares form an OPERATING SYSTEM, Which is the primary source of every computer in this current net-world

      So Coding makes you the real developer. Crypto made it easy for you. Explore the codes for different types of programs  and see the subject in contents , of various programming languages .     —HAPPY  E-LEARN !!

Introduction to Computer
C Language Gang-of-Crypto
C Language
C++ programming-Gang of Crypto
Java-Programming Gang of Crypto
Python-Programming Gang of Crypto


Programming is not an easy job to try to focus on the algorithm and logic. If you are a new beginner to this field, Follow some advice

  • Start the learning from the C-Language, GOD-LEVEL programming language which is the primary requirement for every programmer who chooses software development as their career.
  • Next, Learn C++ and data structures which are considered basic gates for a developer.
  • Later, Learn back-end supporting languages such as Java(preferred), Python, or PHP.
  • Then move to your interest in either field such as Developing or Working on the codes or technologies.

Hope this helps you to get a vision on how to move forward.   — HAPPY E-LEARN…!!!!!

Notice :

Few more courses like Jsp, Node js, are been in ready to be updated. Technologies like Computer Organization and Architecture, Operating System, WEB technologies are working in progress. Do follow frequently