Technologies are the roots

Technology – It is just a word but at the same time it is ruling the current world right now. Whatever you do, wherever you go you find a thing with a technology. In other words, Technology is directly or indirectly related to every part of our lives. This is a fact. 

Techologies in IT

IT stands for Information Technology. In the IT industry there are many technologies of different types. Technologies make the platform for the coding with languages such as C, C++..!! For example, Web development is a technology and languages such as HTML, CSS used for front-end and JAVA, PYTHON are used for back-end which is combined known as Web-Technology. Not only in IT but also in many other fields these technologies are the base. 

            Technologies and knowing about them is also an important task for a new beginner, Crypto made it easier for you. Let’s join and learn them now…   – HAPPY E-LEARN….!!!

Introduction to Computer
Linux basics
github-gang of crypto


Technology is not the one which you really knew till now, It is the one which you have to know now

  • Start the learning now with Introduction to Computer, Where you will get the basic knowledge of what a computer is and how it works
  • Then, go to the base Operating System, in-short OS. Know about the real time challenges.
  • Later, Concentrate on a particular OS and figure out the actual real-time challenges and try to figure out the solution for that. Crypto prefers to refer Linux Basics.
  • After the basic knowledge you can move into the field of your interest. Hope this helps you out Different ways for a beginner

Hope this helps you to get a vision on how to move forward.   — HAPPY E-LEARN…!!!!