What is MPMC gang of crypto

What is MPMC


What is Micro Processor ?

A Microprocessor is a computer process that combines the functions of Central processing unit (CPU) into a single Integrated Circuit (IC) or at most few integrated circuits. Microprocessor is the one which executes the instructions which we give to the computer. How much speed and efficient the Microprocessor that much efficient is your machine or generally your computer.

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What is Micro controller ?

A Micro controller is tiny, low-cost and self contained computer on a chip that can be used as an embedded system. A Micro controller is an IC(Integrated Circuit) device which is used for controlling an other portion of electronic system generally via microprocessor (MPU) and some peripherals (input and output devices).

*We can know more about this as soon as we move deep into course. So, MPMC is the study of Micro Processors and Micro Controllers.

What is the best book for MPMC 

Microprocessors- Gang of crypto

The Book titled “Advanced Microprocessors and Peripherals” Written by A.k Roy. It is the best book that one can learn (or ) know about Microprocessors. More about book

What we gain from studying MPMC ?

MPMC is the study of Micro Processors and Micro Controllers. It deals with Assembly Language programming where we can execute the programs in 8086 emulator or there is also a lot more ways. By studying the MPMC, we are able to build a micro controller (or) micro processor where a mini computer can also be made by our own. This is what the real outcome of MPMC.


  • This Technology of Microprocessors is a advanced one. It is just like using a mini computer with pre-loaded instructions in a machine to work.
  • These Micro controllers made the  electronics and computers come together to make new innovations. 
  • The things we see and use daily like TV, Mixer, Washing Machine and all other home appliances uses the Microprocessors (or) Micro controllers to run. A pre-loaded program is always there in them to function. So, the study helps us to make a career in IOT(Internet Of Things).

Hope this helps you to get a vision on how to move forward.   — HAPPY E-LEARN…!!!!