Btech Computer Science

Crypto says, 

“The tag: I’m mostly talking to my people that is B TECH ( Bachelor of Technology ) Computer Science students, because i’m also a one in them. 

Subjects in CSE

As of i know there are a lot and lot of subjects and topics are covered in CSE stream. Here, I can share not all but some of the subjects, So, it becomes easier to understand the actual entities of subjects in a simple way. 


                 Just the same way consider a friend is teaching and the friend is CRYPTO. I’ll provide you the downloadable resources, So, it becomes a lot more easier. See you soon inside the courses.”

Introduction to Computer
Linux basics
github-gang of crypto

                  Guys, let’s go and let’s get it. It is all about the coding and theory involved in CSE. The best-way to learn in a easier way….-HAPPY  E-Learn !!!