What is C language

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What is C Language ?

C language is computer programming language which is considered as God-Level programming language for the new beginners. C is a Procedural primary  programming language. It is a middle level language which is combination of high and low level language.                                                                      (For reference of languages do refer What is a Program ).

Why C Language is Special ?

Learning C language is just like learning the alphabets in English language which is a primary,basic requirement for any new beginner to start the programming. It is a God-Level Programming means the C is the basic of every language likewise “There is no GOD – no UNIVERSE, if there is no C – No Programming “. So, C is special.

Why C Language is Popular ?

As C language is the basic language, many authors have re-written the “Traditional C” book into their own language and published. Many are even writing now and publishing. C is also one of the oldest programming language and moreover, It has to be known by each and every programmer not compulsorily but necessarily. So, C language became the Popular language since ages. It is considered as a Parent tree for all new programming languages.

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What are Features of C ?

C language has many features, some are:

  1.  Middle level language: C language is a middle-level programming language which is combination of high and low-level language.
  2. Portable: C can be written in one system and can be run and executed in other system that is, C language is Portable.
  3. Libraries: C language is very  rich in built-in libraries and provides ease of development for new beginners.
  4. Fast: There are many new languages like python and Java, But C language is faster and efficient in executing the code as it don’t have additional processes like Python and java which takes more time for execution. This feature makes C fast execution language. 
  5. Pointers: C language supports POINTER which is merely not found in many other languages. It is used  to access the location  of address in memory.
  6. Memory management: C supports DMA(Dynamic Memory Allocation) where user can deal with the storage and erasing of data and with functions like free()

What are the uses of C ?

C is a primary language and it is used in a lot of cases if not directly but indirectly.

  1. C language is used to build the operating systems such as LINUX.
  2. C is the reason behind the object-oriented programming languages such as C++ and Java.
  3. C language is used in the Protection of Keys(Unique code used in specific purposes in various technologies).
  4. C language is building block for many other programming languages.
  5. C can work efficiently on graphical and gaming applications as it is a general-purpose programming language.
  6. As C is a structured programming language it allows complex programs to break into small programs known as Functions.