What is a Computer?

What is a Computer ?

It is an Electronic device which accepts data, instructions and from user then process and provide a valid information. Known as OUTPUT.

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A Computer is an electronic device that accepts data and instructions as an input from the user then processes the data and provides useful information, known as output.

The term Computer is derived from the word ‘COMPUTE‘, which means calculate. According to history it is designed for the purpose of calculation which later which has turned into a key part in the evolution of man-kind. It is the source of technology in this growing world. 

fig1.1: Computer Desktop

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Computer System

A computer is a system made up of two major components: HARDWARE and SOFTWARE. The  hardware is the physical equipment and the software is the collection of programs (instructions) that allow hardware to do its job. Below figure represents a Computer system.

The hardware components consists of five parts they are: input devices, Central Processing Unit (CPU), Primary Storage , Secondary storage and auxiliary storage devices.

The Software is divided into two broad categories: System software and application software. System software manages the resources. whereas, Application software is directly responsible for helping the users to solve their problems.

For additional information refer Hardware and Software.

Fig:1.2 Computer System

Characteristics of a Computer

  • SPEED: It  is the fastest electronic device that can solve large and complex problems in a few seconds.The speed is  generally depend on its Hardware configurations.
  • STORAGE: It can store a huge amounts of data in it. The  storage area of the  system is categorized into Main memory and Secondary memory.
  • ACCURACY: It carries out calculations with great accuracy.
  • RELIABILITY: It produces results with no error.These are regarded as trustworthy machines.
  • VERSATILITY: It perform varied tasks and can be used for many different purposes.
  • DILIGENCE: It can perform repetitive calculations any number of times with the same level of accuracy.